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Cable Ties


All Types And Sizes Available, including Releasable Ties.

Cable Ties, 4 "- 18 lb (Colors-Brwn, Rd, Org, Gy, Blk, Grn, Bl) (Pkg 100)

Cable Ties, 8"- 50 lb, Black (Pkg 100)


Prices Are Per Hundred


Cable Tie Tool, $15.25


This makes cable management jobs quick and easy. Our lightweight and economical tool can handle most Miniature (18lb), Intermediate (40lb) and Standard (50lb) Cable Ties; or most cable ties between .09 - .18 Inch wide. The tool allows adjustable bundling pressure which can prevent the over-tightening of cables while making repeat jobs easy on your hands. Avoid those repetitive motion injuries while saving yourself time and money.

Cable Ties

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