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All Made With G.657.A1 Bend Insensitive Glass


Prysmian Resilink, Toneable Flat Drop - Gel-Filled Buffer Tubes           

(5 or 10K Wood Reels, 38" x 27")


Superior Essex - Toneable Flat Drop, PFM™ Gel-Filled Buffer Tubes 

(5K Wood Reels, 24")


Waveoptics, Toneable Flat Drop Cable, Dry Buffer Tubes                       

(5K Wood Reels, 24")


(Price Before Rounding)


2-Fiber    $.153     

4-Fiber    $.156    

6-Fiber    $.165    

12-Fiber   $.183     



Toneable Flat Drop Cable (Bend Insensitive) 2, 4, 6 & 12 Count in Stock.

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