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GET-100 is a handheld 10M/100M/1000M gigabit Ethernet tester, used for the Ethernetinstallation, operation and maintenance services.

The GET - 100 design in a small and portable device which provides packet capture, network monitoring, networkperformance testing, data generation, test leads and error test functions in an organic whole unit. It is widely used in network layer 1/2/3 BER test and RFC - 2544 test. GET-100 help maintenance people to quickly locate fault and analysis network



  • Electrical port and optical ports with rate at 10/100/1000Mbps
  • Smart and durable, field application ready
  • 5 inch LCD color touchscreen, smart navigation menu
  • Results can be shown graphically and numerically
  • RFC2544 auto testquickly find the fault
  • Full Y.1564 test
  • LEDindicator light, on-screen display and ICON
  • Large capacity memory to save settings and test results
  • Embedded software to easy upgrade



  • L1/L2/L3 BER Test
  • Integrated RFC2544 benchmark testthroughput, packetloss, latency, back-to-back
  • Multi- stream traffic generation (10 traffic sream)
  • Receiving end flow filter analysis
  • VLAN test
  • Connectivity test: PING, TRACE ROUTEIP scan
  • Through, terminal mode test and frame length, frame type, and utilization stat.
  • Optical power test, optical module temperature, working current, voltage test
  • Cable VCT: Identifying short circuit, open circuit, cable length fault location
  • Service disruption time test
  • Intelligent loop back test
  • Jitter Test
  • USB data interface, driver-free

Shineway GET-100 Gigabit Ethernet Tester

SKU: c_GET-100
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