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These hand holes are the most lightweight, yet durable option for your Tier 22 telecommunications infrastructure projects.

The HDPE-based hand hole makes it easier and safer for installers to add custom ports for cable ingress/egress in the field, without the dust and tool wear that results from working with precast and concrete products. In addition, the HDPE, Tier 22 Lid is 20% lighter than competitors lids, while still meeting the Tier 22 test load requirements.


17 x 30 x 24 - Qty 192 per Truckload

24 x 36 x 24 - Qty 150 per Truckload


Key patented, differentiating features of the HTZ Handhole include:

· Meets BABA: (Build America, Buy America) and has been designed, integrating valuable feedback from distributors as well as end-user installers.

· Lightweight and Stackable: HTZ handholes are close to 115 lbs.  Less labor and machinery required to move them makes them time and cost efficient to  installThe tier 22 Lid is 20% lighter than competitors lids, while still meeting the Tier 22 test load requirements

· Water-Resistant Lid: Unlike traditional inset lids that allow for water intrusion, the patented lid design prevents water infiltration, making servicing cable inside the handhole easy, regardless of season or climate.

· Reversible Design: HTZ handholes can be installed right-side up or upside down, providing flexibility during installation.

· Rounded Edges: HTZ handholes have rounded edges to make them easier to install; less labor of digging exact holes.

· HDPE Walls allow for items to be easily fastened in place.

· Advanced Design Clip-in Anchors for Lid Attachment

· Outer Grid Prevents Heaving After Installation

· 7.9 Cubic Feet Internal Volume



Hand Holes, HDPE

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