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The Swift KF4A is a highly advanced, All-In-One active cladding alignment fusion splicer, designed to perform the major 5 functions systematically: stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and protecting.


Features & Benefits:

  • Active V-Groove Alignment


  • Stripping, Cleaning, Cleaving, Splicing and Sleeving all in one portable and user friendly splicing machine.


  • Integrated Cleaning Station


  • Fewer Items To Transport To Site


  • Faster Overall Splice Time


  • Reduce workspace contamination with the Single Action Cleaver with it’s on board secure container for fiber shards.




  • Dimensions 5.2”(W) x 8.3”(L) x 2.9”(H)


  • IPAAS Active Cladding Alignment


  • 2 AXIS Two CMOS cameras with 4.3-inch color LCD monitor


  • 200 Cycles On Battery


  • Splice Time: 7 Seconds Typical


  • Sleeve Heating Time: 13 Seconds

KF4A All-In -One Fusion Splicer

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