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Mini Multiport Service Terminals (MSTs) with DLX Adapters
The mini MST incorporates DLX hardened adapters resulting in a much smaller
terminal package than available with previous generations of full sized hardened
connectors and adapters. Mini MSTs are environmentally sealed terminals that
withstand all the rigors of the OSP environment. The terminals are factory-terminated
with individual connectors and provided with a stub cable for splicing in the field.
The mini MST is available in 4-port, 6-port, 8-port and 12-port configurations.
The stub cable lengths range from 50' to 2000'. The terminal connector ports
are clearly marked with numbers for quick drop cable connections, and the
hardened adapters are factory cleaned and compatible with DLX connectors.

MST-02MH00-B0100U Terminal 2 Port 100' Locateable (With Tone Wire)