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ShinewayTech® MTP-200 series are the compact multi-functional platform, which are specially designed for FTTx/WAN applications and can meet all test requirements of installers, contractors and service operators during network installation, construction, maintenance and troubleshooting. It is convenient and accurate for auto/manual testing, multi-wavelength testing and multi-functional analysis.


Multi-Function and High Performance OTDR Testing

l  Dynamic Range up to 50dB

l  Short zone: EDZ 0.8m, ADZ 4.5m

l  Auto/Manual test and analysis

l  Multi-wavelength testing

l  Visible laser source function

l  In-Line test and through Splitter test(1625/1650nm with filter)

l  OTDR Module up to four wavelengths, SM/MM Option

l  Fault locating, fiber length/loss/return loss measurement, connector/ splice/ splitter/ macro bend/fiber-end detection

l  LAN/WAN/FTTx application

l  GR-196-CORE (.SOR) file format

l  SOR and JPG file format

l  Flexible file Naming


Optimized Platform Performance

l  Lightweight, 2.1kg

l  7 inch touch screen

l  High strength protect horn

l  Excellent Man-Machine interface for easy operation

l  Damp-dust-shock proof

l  Optimized power management: 10 hours continuous operation

l  Fast power up and off with Windows CE

l  Direct printing function(compatible with PCL printers)

l  Remote/local control by PC

Shineway MTP-200 Handheld High Performance OTDR

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