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Most Compact High-Performance OTDR


ShinewayTech® compact palmOTDR now offers even more testing
capacities, flexibility and value with combination of 850/1300/1310
/1490/1550/1625/1650nm (Mono/double/triple wavelength) OTDR,
1310/1490/1550nm PON Power Meter, Stabilized Laser Source and
VFL. The OTDR wavelengths cover the applications of regular end-toend
fiber characterization (1310/1550nm), premise/enterprise LAN testing
(850/1300nm), FTTx fiber link construction verification (1490nm) and
PON live fiber troubleshooting (1625/1650nm with filter). The integrated
PON Power Meter can perform in-service testing of all PON signals
(1310/1490/1550nm) on any spot of the network featuring pass-through
design and burst mode support. palmOTDR is your ultimate solution to
meet various testing requirements of entire fiber network.



Handheld and lightweight (1kg)

Easy to use, quick start <5secs

Dual/Triple/Quad (SM+MM) OTDR

Dynamic range up to 50dB, Dead zone down to 0.8m
LinkImageintuitive link analysis
Cloud-based reporting powered by SweepMasters

Integrated OPM/LS/VIP/VFL function
GPS security
IP54 protection




SKU: PalmOTDR-_20_E
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