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OP6   6’ Steel Marker Post with Reflective Decal, 7.5 lbs.

OP8   8’ Steel Marker Post with Reflective Decal, 10 lbs.


*Custom Labeling NO CHARGE w/ Purchase of Qty 100 or More*

Galvanized Steel Posts from ODEM.

Steel will not Melt, Crack, or Droop and is a great deterrent for the operator of a brush hog or other heavy equipment.  The decal provides 360 degree visibility and will be easily readable for years; just like your re-flective lettering.  It will also be highly visible at night.  

The simple addition of an extension and ground bus allows any post to be converted to a Test-Point.  If Desired a galvanized sweep can be attached at the bottom for easy routing of test wires into a Handhole.


Gauge – 16

OD – 2 3/8”

ID – 2.245”

Zinc coated galvanized carbon steel


Order Multiple is 50.

No Minimum for Generic Graphics.

No Extra Charge for Custom Reflective Decal - 100 Pieces or More


6' & 8' Steel Line Marker Posts

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